London Eye and Serendipity

This photo was taken way back in 2008 and remains one of my favourite photos ever. It was taken with a Canon 30D and EF-S 17-85 lens. In decent light, this remains a really good combination but of course the ISO capabilities are nowhere close to modern gear.

This photo was quite an accident. These were early days in my photography adventures and I was just pointing the camera and shooting. What really makes the photo for me is that 3 objects entered the scene creating a very interesting frame:

1. The bird on the lower left
2. The small bird on the top right
3. The even smaller plane on the top left

Ofcourse, I fully recognize that this photo is not composed very well (for instance, I would have liked some more breathing room on the right) and has other issues as well. But it still works for me, especially given that this was taken shortly after I had just picked up photography.