Hong Kong Streets

Hong Kong’s streets are great to generally wander about taking photos.  March is a particularly nice time because its not so hot and humid and yet the cold of Dec/ Jan has lifted.

Lately, I’ve been using the Leica MP (Type 240) on my walkabouts. Coupled with the 35mm Summilux, its a great combination. The above photo was taken in Central, just opposite Fringe Club. The photo also brings up an interesting topic – on sharpness and grain. This photo is far from sharp, its actually quite blurry because of the slow shutter speed (1/15 sec). But that was a deliberate decision in order to create the right atmosphere. I think this photo would have looked quite boring as a super sharp image and without the car behind. Likewise, the grain adds to the atmosphere of the night photo.

The two photos below, were taken in Causeway Bay, on a Saturday afternoon. Probably amongst the busiest locations in HK at its busiest of times. I have seen this guy several times at the same location. And doing the same thing – holding an advertising board and busy with his phone.

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

I have no idea who this character is! But its quite impactful and there were obviously hordes of people taking selfies and photos with it.

Who is this?  - Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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