Advanced landscape post-processing in Photoshop

So, I am no expert in post-processing. But I am a firm believer that post-processing is as much a part of creating a photograph as pre-planning and pressing the shutter. Photography, especially landscape photography, to me is the whole spectrum of looking at a scene, arriving at a location at the right time (good light is essential), thinking about how you are going to capture the scene (composition, camera settings, what filers etc.) and doing all this while knowing the limitations of the camera and having a clear plan to achieving one’s vision through post-processing. Whew, that is a lot to think about!

While, simple things like basic tone and color adjustments in Lightroom or Photoshop can have a huge impact, the more sophisticated techniques used by pros such as luminosity masking, exposure blending, and LAB mode based editing are just so much more sophisticated yet subtle.  These are not easy, involve a steep learning curve and every photo will take a fair bit of time.  So use only for the best photos.  Not worth wasting time on something that wasn’t good enough to begin with. Here are links to a few Youtube videos/ channels to get you started.

Sean Bagshaw

He is a pioneer in using Tony Kuyper’s luminosity masking methods and actions.  Really good stuff.

Jimmy McIntyre

He does wonderful stuff with exposure blending and luminosity masks and comes up with stunning photos.

Lee Varis

Just discovered him today!  Does really interesting stuff with luminosity masks and also with LAB mode to enhance photos.



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