The re-start of this blog

I used to have this blog once upon a time, long before I got distracted by Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr etc etc.  I don’t want to denigrate those sites, I still spend a fair bit a time there and they have wonderful communities.  However, I fond it very difficult to do anything on a thematic basis there.  For instance, if want to to just put pictures from a roll of  Kodak Portra 400 shot on my Contax G2, the whole format for the post is just too inelegant.  I recognise that hardly anybody reads blogs now. Even I don’t find the time. But I guess, this is just about writing and showing photos and its a rather selfish endeavour for self-fulfilment, never mind whether anybody actually reads it.

At the current time, I am thinking that my focus will be on photography. But then I do have other passions as well –  food, drink, travel, and hiking to name a few.  I may drop something from those topics from time to time.

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